Espacio Fractal - The Fractal Concept
  • Architecture in Harmony with Nature


    Espacio Fractalis the fruit of a long track record of both professional and personal growth.

    Ever since the time of our academic education, we based our architecture on the concept of pure forms promoted by the rationalist movement, merged with a deep-rooted influence on Oriental minimalist style.

    Over time we began to incorporate some concepts of Sacred Geometry, the Golden Section, the balance between the various elements and their relation with nature. We strive to raise the Fractality Level in every space, by assessing materials, arrangement, and layout of the building as a whole to produce a higher standard of productivity, efficiency, insight, peace of mind, ability to focus, and wellbeing.

  • Architecture in Harmony with Nature


    We have internalized the environmental aspect of the design stage, using sustainable criteria and technologies in order to cooperate with the environment and to minimize any impact on it.