Espacio Fractal - Profile

    We are an architecture firm engaged in the planning and implementation of projects based on sustainable principles. We aim to strike a balance between forms and materials, in line with the environment, regarding the wellbeing of people as the driving force behind our architectural ideas.

    We Develop ideas, Realize projects, Transform spaces with an unwavering "green" commitment and the wish to bring about a significant change in the quality of your lives.

    We interpret your needs because we are good listeners.
    We generate trust as a result of our transparency andprofessionalism.
    Efficiency governs our work because we demand more of ourselves every day.


    Cecilia Higa|Architect, University of Buenos Aires
    Karina De Luca |Architect, University of Buenos Aires

    We have the support of a multidisciplinary team whose distinctive traits are performance and energy, in line with our goals and interests.


    Tailor-made Design

    We conceive your home and assess how to improve the energy flow. We focus on outdoor areas and on integrating sustainable technologies.

    Our projects include a meticulous study of proportions based on the principles of Sacred Geometrywith a view to ensuring harmony and balance in all areas

    Project Management

    We plan every stage of the construction process, and we also devise the best strategy to meet the objectives set out, in keeping with deadline-, cost-, and quality standards. We oversee every process in order to minimize risks and ensure the success of the project.

    Real-Estate Developments

    We look for the ideal land, roll out the project, and organize the property business. All the way from the feasibility study to the delivery of the apartment, we strive to streamline costs to obtain maximum ROI for the investor.