Espacio Fractal - Scope
  • SPACE Light Layout


    Our projects take into consideration weather conditionsand the orientation of the area. We usefinematerials, that are energy-efficient and these include renewable sources of energy.

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    • Gallery
    • Double Height
  • Space LIGHT Layout


    Influenced by the Japanese wabi-sabi style, minimalism meets the warmth of rustic objects found in nature, placed in such a way to generate balance, peace and harmony in the environment.

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    • Glass bricks
    • Fireplace
    • Vertical garden
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  • Space Light LAYOUT


    We focus on outdoors, enhancing yards, terraces or plain balconies turning them into pleasant gardens which, in the best ZEN tradition, provide quiet, peace which promote relaxation.

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    • Wood
    • Water
    • Zen Garden
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